Friday, June 26, 2009

This was an entry also for the Dominance War 4 series of competitions. This was a mini comp that was to create a War General's pet. I initially wanted to create something totally different from my War General entry but I later changed my mind thinking it would be more cool if I can some day actually piece them together as one cohesive theme and wide shot painting. It's in the works but for now here's the entry. I used the name Kerberos instead of the more known Cerebus. I't also such fun to finally draw one of the more popular monsters known:) Hope you all like it:) thanks for readin'!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here's a small update on my more recent paintings. This one is for an mini game art competition which precedes a larger art comp if not the largest in terms of scope, a total of 11 different art and gaming forums that spans the globe, sounds cool eh? The topic was to create a War General. I'm not into war and certainly not to Satanism, but I just felt like doing a mythical and a really badass mofo of a general, so here it is folks, btw, I got to the top semifinals with this piece,well, just for the mini but I'm happy:)
Still don't know a lot about blogging, so I'm trying to work around this thing:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First post

I am old. Old as in I don't think I know what the hell it is I'm doing but a friend of mine recommended I make my own blog and so here it is. I don't think I explained the "old" part very well, I just feel like a dinosaur at the wrong age or era and too old school to even attempt to do something new such as blogs,hahaha, Yes, blogs are new to me, heard it, seen them, but never tried creating one. And for what purpose but to share, exploit, influence the masses about the power art:) I hope this serves as a testement that not all my stuff is a mess. I will be updating as consistently as possible and I will shut up in the meantime because I need to:) so There!